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May 2023

  • The Second Arrow May 29, 2023 - Being compassionate toward others often starts with showing compassion for myself.

February 2023

December 2022

  • The Illness Dec 4, 2022 - When we feel we do not have control in our lives, we often seek control where we can never attain it.

October 2022

August 2022

  • When Time Is my Only Currency Aug 23, 2022 - Have you ever been on a first date, and the person across from you asks, "What kind of music do you like?" I find it interesting how we meet others and usually assume they enjoy music and have established musical preferences, but we don't ask how they enjoy music. This is a story about live music and living in the moment.

June 2022

  • What’s an Artist? Jun 25, 2022 - While I did not label myself as an artist growing up due to self-judgement, I found a medium for self-expression in information technology.